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Nestle Inn Flexible Breakfast Options

Breakfast at Nestle Inn in Indianapolis, Indiana

As part of your Nestle Inn experience, we have partnered with our restaurant friends on Mass Ave to provide the breakfast part of our B&B. We get to help support other local, small businesses and you get breakfast when you want it and can order whatever you would like. Flexibility and privacy for breakfast reflect the individualized service guests have come to expect at Nestle Inn.  We always provide lots of coffee/hot tea right outside your room along with housemade biscotti and cookies.  On the weekends the coffee service provides juice and an extra special pastry just in case you need to get up early and need an early nosh.

  • Weekdays (Mon-Fri) : Wake up to freshly ground Nestle Inn blend coffee and tea service and then head over to Henry's Coffee Bistro or Coat Check Coffee (yes, Coat Check Coffee was just mentioned in The New York Times and Indianapolis Monthly recently). The kitchen resides on the second floor in the former coatcheck at the Athenaeum, a historic 19th century German social center on Mass Ave just two blocks away. They open at 7am and serve until 4pm.  Menus from both places are in your guest room so that you can choose which one might be your favorite.  Both offer service of ordering at the counter and then sitting down for breakfast.  Don't forget to take your breakfast voucher with you when you order off their menu.
  • Weekends(Sat and Sun): Wake up to our freshly ground Nestle Inn blend coffee and tea service and then make your way to either Henry’s Coffee Bistro (they open at 8am on the weekends) or Louie’s Wine Dive (they open at 9am). Henry’s is right next door and Louie’s is about 3 blocks away on Mass Ave.
    To give you a good picture of what type of breakfast options they have, Henry’s serves a breakfast/brunch menu on the weekends and is an order and sit down type of atmosphere and Louie’s serves up a more traditional breakfast/brunch with table/waiter service. If you wanted to make a reservation at Louie’s for breakfast you can…..or you can just walk in.

    You are welcome to keep your car parked in the school lot while you go to breakfast or on Sundays, the parking on the street on Mass Ave is free if you wanted to move your car. There is also a paid parking lot right next to Louie’s or you can walk to Louie’s…….it is maybe a 10 minute walk. Don't forget to take your breakfast voucher with you when you order off their menu.

Henry’s Coffee Bistro

637 East St, Indianapolis, IN 46202

   401 E Michigan, Indianapolis, IN 46202                           317-550-5008                     coatcheckcoffee.com

Louie’s Wine Dive

345 Massachusetts Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46202

Nestle Inn
637 North East Street
Indianapolis, IN 46202
1 (317) 610-5200

Nestle Inn...to Downtown Indianapolis

Our six room B&B style Inn is the closest Inn to downtown Indy located one block off Mass Avenue. Our approach to the B&B style experience is modern and individualized. Each room has a private bath, free WiFi is provided throughout the house and self check in is available which enables you to arrive on your own time schedule. We focus on providing for all of your needs behind the scenes without disrupting your stay. We may not be your grandmother's B&B...but even she would be happy at Nestle Inn. Nestle Inn is a great alternative to a traditional hotel in downtown Indy.